August 4, 2017

Save Entourage Email as Adobe PDF with Attachments

Learn How to Save Entourage

Email as PDF Type Documents

Entourage email client for data management as well as communication purposes. Though its accessibility is very common among users so far relatively documents are simple to carry instead of all data files, which are dependent on their source platforms. The below segment describes and details the process of knowing how to Save Entourage Email as PDF format.

Benefits of Print Entourage Mail as PDF

There are numerous of advantages related to working with Mac Entourage and some of the advantages are mentioned below:

• The messages are easy to carry everywhere with options of extensive accessibility.
• Mac Entourage messages are not dependent on the mailing platform.
• Emails can be read and shared with post others conversion.
• Single message archiving or backup come to be feasible as well as convenient.

June 1, 2017

PDF File Recovery – Repair Corrupted & Damaged PDF Files

Immaculately Recover Overwritten PDF File

User Often Ask Such Queries

A user once enquired that he was not having the Cloud PDF; and he was only having a regular type of Adobe PDF file on his system, which got accidentally overwritten by him; so how could he manage to perform PDF Recovery and retrieve the data from his original file. Such similar types of issues are faced by many more users, who are constantly looking to find answers about the process to recover overwritten PDF file.

Manual Methodology for PDF Recovery

It is possible for the users to recover overwritten PDF files manually with ease, and this can be done as per the version of MS Windows that is being used. MS Windows versions 7, 8 as well as 10 come with great functionality to enable pdf recovery to previous versions of files/folders as safety nets. If users are experiencing issues with any original file or folder, then that user can still access as well as restore those previous versions.

Manual Process to Recover Overwritten PDF Files on Windows

  1. "Backup & Restore" Tab
    • For MS Windows 10 version
    1. Open Start or press the Windows Key + S for opening keyboard search.
    2. Here, type "backup".
    3. After that, select the option, "Backup-&-Restore (Win 7)”.
    • For MS Windows 8 version.
    1. Open "Settings" search
    2. Press Windows Key + W.
    3. Type "Windows 7" .
    4. Click "Windows-7-File-Recovery".
    • For MS Windows 7 version
    1. Click on "Start".
    2. Type "backup".
    3. Select the option for "Backup & Restore".
  2. Open Restoration Window for Restoring PDF Files.
    • Click the option of "Restore-my-files" in the "Restore" section to restore PDF files.
    • Select "Restore-all-user's-files" button for recovering other users’ PDF files.
    • Click "Select-another-backup-to-restore-files-from" for restoring PDF files from some other backup.
  3. Choose Some Backup by Date for Restoring PDF Files.
    • All of the PDF files that are needed for restoration would be displayed in recent backup.
    • But, for restoring PDF files from any previous backup,
    • Click the option of "Choose-a-different-date”.
    • select some time-frame for displaying the previously taken backups from the box of "Show-backups-from" in the window of "Restore Files".
    • then, select the required backup date from which you want the backup.
    • Click OK.
  4. Select PDF Files for Restoration
    • If location of PDF files that are to be restored is unknown then click Search.
    • Type keywords in the field, "Search for".
    • Click "Search" .
    • Search result displays the required PDF files to be restored.
    • Click particular PDF file or files.
    • Click OK.
  5. Restore PDF Files
    • First, select the option for "in-the-original-location" for restoring the files to the folders where they were located before.
    • If there are PDF files with similar names, it is asked whether user likes overwriting those files.
    • Click "Restore".
      • "Copy-File" prompts if PDF files with similar names are existing already.
      • Click "Copy & Replace" for overwriting existing files.
      • "Don't copy" for keeping those existing files.
      • The option of "Copy, but-keep-both-files" is there for comparing both files.
    • For using similar answer for all these "Copy file" prompt questions, the user has to check the box for "Do-this-for-all-conflict" before selecting preferred options.
    • Click "Finish" if all files are restored.
  6. Recover Overwritten PDF File Items to Some Alternative Location.
    • First, select "In-the-following-location".
    • Then check the "Restore-the-files-to-their-original-subfolders" for recreating the entire folder in some alternative location.
    • After that, click "Browse" for selecting that alternate folder.
    • In the window, "Browse-for-Folder," select any of the empty folders.
    • Or one can click the button of "Make-1New-Folder" button to create a new folder.
    • Click "Restore" for recovering selected PDF files.
    • Once they are recovered successfully, click "View-restored-files" for opening that alternate restore folder.

SysTools PDF Recovery – One Stop Solution

Manual methods are no doubt free of charge and can be done by the users themselves, but sometimes, they tend to be very lengthy and time-consuming when the user tries to recover overwritten pdf files, now at the same time, they do not ensure guaranteed results always. So, it is always better to try out some commercial tool like SysTools PDF Recovery would be a great choice in this regard.

Concluding Remarks

The above article discussed in detail about the manual processes that can be executed to recover overwritten PDF files. But if none of these work in your case then there always the option of moving towards some 3rd party solution.

May 25, 2017

Remove Password from PDF find methods to Unlock password of PDF

How to Remove Password from PDF?

A User’s Plight 

I get my card statements from banks every month in the form of PDF files that are password-secured mostly as there is personal info in them. I archive them in Google Drive but, being password-protected, the text is not searchable in Drive. Also, all PDF files have different passwords so I can’t remember them all and so can’t find them later on. Please suggest me some methods so that I can easily remove password from PDF files.

March 27, 2017

Remove watermark from any PDF File | Document

How do you remove a watermark from 

Portable Document File or PDF?

Well it is possible to get rid of these annoying watermark in your PDF documents, that some trial software left in your PDF like a memory, whenever you open your PDF you remember the software. So, its time to destroy these annoying memories. But after destroying these bad memories the quality of your PDF depend on which method you choose to edit your PDF Files. Let's get started.

Methods listed in this post is going to tell how you to remove watermark from PDF file or document
  1. Method A – Using dedicated tool
  2. Method B – Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. Method C – through Reverse engineering
  4. Method D – Using Photoshop | Gimp | Pixlr

Method A

If your PDF is very important to you and you want to remove the watermark as past as possible without taking any risk like quality losing or file corruption and in just one click. So, to be honest with you, go with this method. There are lots of tools available in market that remove watermark for you in one click but the confusion here is which to choose So, I suggest you the one that I used and till now my experience is awesome his tool will remove watermark from PDF File | Document without any risk but if you want free solution see below methods.

Method B - Remove watermark using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Assuming that your PDF files are not password protected, download and install Adobe Acrobat 8. Open the PDF document in Acrobat, choose the option "Remove Watermark" and re-save the document. This option might not work or may decrease the quality of your pdf.

Method C - Delete watermark through Reverse Engineering

We'll reverse engineer the document in this approach - Use Google Docs to convert the PDF document to a Microsoft Word file. Now either open this Word document in a locally installed copy of Microsoft Word or export it to Google Docs / Zoho Writer.

You might see that the watermark text now appears as image or like a another upper layer in the converted document. Manually delete the text and save the doc file as PDF again. Now your bad memories is no more but This method can corrupt your file because the highly password protected file can't be reverse engineer and may cause data corruption.

Method D - Erase watermark using Photoshop

If you have 1 or 2 page PDF with watermark, convert the PDF to an image using either any online free tool to convert pdf to image or any screen capture program. And then Open images in either Photoshop or Gimp or any free online image editing tool like PIXLR and use the Magic Wand or Touchup tool to delete the watermarks - In majority of the cases, watermarks are of the same color and can be easily selected using wand tools.This method can remove a watermark from pdf document but it is very time consuming and need you to be patient and creative in pic editing period.


Well, this post is aimed to provide best tricks to remove watermark from pdf document, these are the Methods that are elaborated in this post:-
  • Using dedicated watermark remover tool
  • Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • through Reverse engineering
  • Using Photoshop | Gimp | Pixlr
and at last but not least all methods are fine but if your PDF is very important to you and you choose any method from B to E then who knows what happens if something went wrong in deeper level so, that's why I provided a Tool that can do this for you without any risk. As always if you like my this post don't forgot to like and share and also comment what you want to see next in this blog.

March 14, 2017

Converting Images into PDF has never been easier!

How exactly do you convert images into PDF format?

Working with PDF files is becoming increasingly common in the workplace, school, college etc. So how exactly do you convert images, doc, spreadsheet or any file type into this format? I'm pretty sure all of you know how to convert a Word, Excel, Presentation file or any web page into PDF, If you don't know how to convert them, let me know in the comments below and I'll try to POST about it, in my next post. But our today's focus is on "How to convert any image into PDF file or How to scan any document direct through your smartphone". So lets get started.

Note:- This post is focused on Adobe Acrobat Mobile Application's new feature that can scan any document and can convert it into PDF format.

Firstly I want to touch a off-topic concept "Machine Learning" because if there is no machine learning we are not able to scan any document by just through our mobile camera,Machine learning is the sub-field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data – such algorithms overcome following strictly static program instructions by making data driven predictions or ,decisions, through building a model from sample inputs. Machine learning is employed in a range of computing tasks where designing and programming explicit algorithms is infeasible; example applications include spam filtering, detection of network intruders or malicious insiders working towards a data breach, optical character recognition (OCR), search engines and computer vision. As i mentioned in above example Machine Learning now also used in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe has its own Machine Learning Framework called Sensei. Adobe is using a ML(Machine Learning) algorithm in their Mobo app for recognising the part of document from images for better understanding let me tell you a example suppose that you are scanning a bill slip in past we use CamScanner like application to do so, first we have to take the picture of bill slip and then application prompt us to select the bill slip from the captured picture and remove the unnecessary part, this was really time consuming if you want a clean and clear PDF without any unnecessary background but Adobe saves us by releasing a new feature in their mobo app that can automatically recognise the bill slip or any document from the picture and automatically remove the unnecessary background so without any further CS jargon lets convert a slip into PDF.

This article is going to guide you step by step on How to convert a image into PDF through your smartphone. So, follow along and if you face any error situation let me know in the comment

Step 1:-

First you have to install the adobe acrobat app in you mobile, This app is available on all mobo platform Windows Phone, iOS, Android. I'm going to use Android if you are following this tutorial in Windows Phone or iOS, UI(User Interface) may changed but the logic will not change at all, the logic is very simple, you have to find the scan section under adobe acrobat mobo app, So

If you're on Android platform just hit the PlayStore application and search for adobe acrobat and install the application in your smartphone Or if you're on iOS platform just hit the AppStore application and search for adobe acrobat reader and install the application in your iPhone OR if you're on Windows platform just hit the Windows Store tile(application) and search for adobe acrobat reader and install the application in your Windows Phone

Step 2:-

After installing app in you mobile, find the app and open it, if you're on android, android will automatically take you on the screen where the app is, if you press the home button after installing the app as shown below or you can open the app directly through the play store.

Step 3:-

After opening the app, opens the navigation bar by clicking on the top left corner and click on the SCAN to scan a new picture, As I told you scan is a new feature in adobe acrobat reader you can see the app is also showing scan with a new label as show below in the screen shot

Open the side navigation bar and click on Scan

Step 4:-

After clicking on Scan a new camera activity opens, take the picture of the your document when the camera activity display a toast that says "Ready to capture" as shown below in the picture

"As you can see in the above picture a blue rectangle is covering my BMI slip, this is what machine learning doing in this application for us my friend, saving our time we don't need to crop the images or remove the unnecessary background after clicking this picture, the app does for us automatically"

Step 5:-

Now you can save your document as Portable Document File (PDF) and cheers its so simple and fast and really accurate ML algo so that it can detect your document fast and also in dim lights


In this post you learn about a new feature of Adobe Acrobat PDF reader mobile application that is based on Adobe Machine Learning Framework called Sensei and you also take a little dive into what Machine Learning Is? and what it does for us.

If you like my this post please don't forgot to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pin it on Pintrest, And if you're facing error situations let me know in the comments, and please suggest me what you want to see next in this blog

February 15, 2017

How to Convert ICS to PDF – Move iCalendar to Adobe Format

How to Convert ICS to PDF – Easy

Solutions for iCalendar Conversion

ICS or iCalendar is the file extension used for sharing Calendar data by using Google Calendar and multiple Email Applications such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Lotus Notes etc. Moreover, iCalendar files are used to synchronize several types of calendars over the Web. In order to have permanent access to the ICS calendar events, most of the users are querying about how to export ICS file to PDF file format. As PDF file is independent of all hardware’s and software so, it becomes easy for a user to access it anywhere he wants. Moreover, PDF file allows users to save and share the data in an organized plain text files that comprises of all essential details such as title, starting time, ending time and the brief summary of the calendar event. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed how to convert ICS to PDF format.

Why to Export ICS File to PDF


Before discussing the methods to convert ical to pdf file, let us first consider some of the user queries that had taken from some forum sites:

  • “Recently, I need to send my calendar to my manager, but she does not have iCal on their Desktop. I need to send it to her as a PDF document, but I do not know how. Please suggest me any method to convert ICS to Adobe PDF.”
  • “One of my friends has an .ics file and he wants to open it in pdf format. Is there any ICS to PDF file converter which can export iCal to .pdf?”
  • “Sometimes when I have entered an appointment in my MacBook, it will not display on my iPad or iPhone. However, this does not happen consistently. iCal unable to sync across multiple devices. Kindly provide me the solution to convert iCalendar to PDF, to view my appointments or events on iPhone?”
  • Explore How to Convert ICS to PDF Document

    There is not any direct method to move iCal/ ICS to PDF file format so users must follow below steps for the conversion:
    Step1: First, launch the Thunderbird application on the Desktop.
    Step 2: Now, users need to Import ICS files follow below action:

    • First of all, users have to select Events and Tasks option and choose Calendar.

    • After that, selecting the Import option from Thunderbird.

    • Finally, users able to import .ics file successfully.

    Step 3: After importing, choose the Export option for exporting the .csv file.
    Step 4: Go to option CSV file → Open → Excel option.
    Step 5: In last, save the CSV (comma separated value) file as a PDF document.

    Limitations of Manual Approach

    If users have multiple files, in that case, the process becomes too lengthy during the process to move iCal to PDF file. Also, this procedure takes much time during importing iCalendar.

    Hassle-Free Solution to Export ICS to PDF

    To overcome the above limitation, one can go for an alternate tool for ICS to PDF conversion. This tool provides a very useful feature to export iCal to PDF file document within a few clicks. This will help a user for opening ICS files on all operating system and portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and so on.

    How to Convert ICS to PDF File Automatically Using ICS Converter Tool

    Now, as we have discussed that the manual procedure is very time-consuming so, now lets see how to convert .ics file to PDF file format by using an automated procedure.

    • First, Download and Install ICS converter on your Computer and Start.
    • After that, click on Upload button for adding the ICS file, which you want to export.
    • Now, choose the file format from drop-down list in which you need to export your uploaded iCal files and then, click on Export.
    • Finally, click on Browse button to select the location where you want to save your resultant file and click on Next button After completing the export procedure, click on Finish button.

    Manually Conversion from CSV to PDF from MS Excel

    There are multiple steps those are discussed below:

    • Step 1: First, to open the CSV file in Excel by selecting Office Button and click on Open option or even press Ctrl+O key.
    • Step 2: Then, browse it on the Desktop. After this click on Office>>Print or enter Ctrl+P shortcut key and Print Window will display on the Screen.
    • Step 3: Now, choose the novaPDF from the drop list and click on OK button.
    • Step 4: After that, select any After Save option in Save PDF File as Window and again, click on OK button.
    • Step 5: Finally, printing will start and PDF document will be saved in the location as per users choice.

    Convert ICS to PDF


    ICS format is widely used for calendar files and enables to share information directly from the calendars over emails. Whereas, PDF document can be shared in a secure manner as encryption is performed during file share. As we have discussed in the above section that sometimes the need to move iCalendar to PDF format arises to maintain the continuity of the work. Also, we have discussed the manual method along with automated procedure to know how to export/ convert ICS to PDF has been illustrated step by step to have users a clear understanding of the file conversion procedure.

    September 10, 2016

    Tips to Convert Your Outlook Email Folder into PDF Document


    The emails in Outlook are in PST file format and these PST files are in our PCs. The PST files stores the copies of the mails locally and can be accessed when there is no stable IT connection. But if we want to keep our selected emails in hard copy format and move them from one place to another for portability and printing options. We can convert PST files into PDF. Converting the Outlook PST files into PDF is the safest ways for storing data in the email messages. In this article, we have tried to discuss the process of PST emails to PDF conversion.


    "As an Outlook user, I have a large amount of emails configured in my account and this year I am graduating from my college. Therefore, for portability and printing options, I thought to convert my PST files into PDF but I did not found any reliable solution for it. According to me, it will be best to keep my selected emails in hard copy format, and migrate it to maintain data. Kindly provide me the solution for PST emails to PDF conversion."

    Work Flow Outline:

    1. Loading PST file into Microsoft Outlook
    2. Describing the Manual method to convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files
    3. Describing alternate solution by choosing best PST to PDF converter tool.

    Loading PST file in Microsoft Outlook:

    1. Start Microsoft Outlook
    2. Go to File
    3. Select Open & Export
    4. Now Choose to Open Outlook Data File

    Manual Method to Convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files:

    1. After loading the Outlook Data File, click on Inbox.
    2. Open the email.
    3. Then click over to the File
    4. Select Print
    5. Now click on Printer to open its drop down menu and select Print to PDF
    6. Now click on Print button
    7. Now a dialog box will appear asking for the file name and file location. Save the PDF file with a preferred name at desired location.

    By Using PST to PDF Converter Tool:

    Converting these emails individually can take a lot of time. So to convert this Outlook Email Folder items into a single PDF Document we can use a 3rd party tool, i.e. PST Converter. Which helps in converting PST to PDF file format.
    1. Open the PST Converter tool

    2. Click on Add File
    4. Now a dialog box to select path of the PST file will appear. Browse the file path from the file location.
    6. Now click on Add File

    7. The file will be loaded in the tool as shown in the figure:
      1. Now select the file and Click on Export
      3. Choose to select PDF radio button, in file format type. Now Browse the file from the file location, and select the inbox folder i.e to be converted in PDF and click on Export.
      4. The file will be Exported on the desired path location.


      This article describes both, the manual and 3rd Party tool method to export the PST file in PDF format and using 3rd party tool. Manual method exports each of the PST file in PDF format individually, and takes time to export the outlook data file in PDF format. But PST converter convert Outlook PST Emails into PDF Files in a single step conversion and saves our time. Software review websites like Techulator has recommended SysTools's ‘Outlook PST to PDF Converter'

      June 28, 2016

      Convert Outlook Contact to PDF



      Sometimes we need our contact as secured information in order to protect it. Therefore, the best option we have is to save it in PDF format. But Outlook does not have a built in PDF creation option but it does support exporting files in a format that you can open in spread sheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

      How To Do This?

      The accustomed way of doing this is:

      A. At first, we have to Export Contact from Outlook to Microsoft Excel format:

      1). Open Outlook

      2). Then click on Contacts

      3). Go to File

      4). Click on Import and Export

      5). Then a dialog box will appear named Import and Export Wizard

      6). Asking for choose an action performed. Select Export to a File

      7). Click on Next

      8). Another dialog box will appear for “Create a file of type”. Select Microsoft Excel

      9). Click on Next

      10). In Select folder to export from click on Contacts

      11). Click on Next

      12). In Save Exported File As, browse the desired location

      13). Click on Next

      14). Then click on Finish

      15). An Excel format file is created

      B. Now Convert the Excel Files into PDF

      1. Open the Excel file in Microsoft Excel
      2. Go to File
      3. Click on Save as
      4. In “Save as type” drop-down menu and select “PDF (*.pdf)

      Since, the above process is very time consuming, so we can also use a direct method to convert contacts into PDF format. To simply convert the contacts in PDF format, we can use 3rd party tools too. Applications can easily help us in converting contacts as our requirement. SysTools PST Converter is a very efficient tool for the respective purpose as it can save Outlook Items in 4 Formats: EML / MSG / PDF & vCard (.vcf) which offers to plentiful options for output.

      Is It Simple To Use?

      Yes, it involves very few steps to convert the Outlook data files to PDF. Our contacts can be exported to PDF in just 4 simple steps. Let us see how:

      1). Add file from Selected location

      2). Let it scan your File

      3).Export the desired File

      4). Just export it in the desired format


      We can proceed with any method we like, but using a 3rd party tool makes our work more easy and saves time. It can save data in different formats we want to have and support to convert corrupted and password protected files too. So it would be good for us to adopt 3rd party software in order to save time and get effective results.

      June 23, 2016

      Learn Ways to Export Yahoo Emails to PDF

      While I was going through various Yahoo forums, I found similar queries that multiple users were facing. So I thought for a common solution to all the issues that were discussed in those forums.

      Let’s first discuss the various issues of the users of Yahoo Mail.

      June 22, 2016

      Export Gmail Email To PDF

       Recently while searching about the topic ‘export all Gmail emails to pdf’, I read many forums and I came across a user query that was:
      “I have to collect all the Gmail emails of the year 2015-16 from all the 8 juniors of mine. I was thinking that the best way to present those emails is to create 8 separate PDFs for these 8 colleagues. I have searched on the internet but no solution seems to be relevant.