PDF is a Portable Document format file used for presenting and exchanging information on electronic medium. PDF is widely used document format because of its compatibility with all software, hardware, and operating system. Its independent feature makes it more usable.PDF files can be viewed, print, retrieved with just the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a freeware. In addition, PDF documents can be signed electronically and contain buttons, form fields, audio and video. The latter part of the article discusses about the security implementation on a PDF file along with the need of a PDF Unlocker tool in cases of lost authority over a document.

Password Protection

Security measures are necessary when we are working with sensitive data. In order to control the access of PDF files, users must have to protect them with passwords. By making a document password protected it will restrict other users from accessing it or performing unauthorized activities on it.
Two types of restrictions can be applied by an owner on their PDF files.
  • User Level: One is User Level of restriction in which a user can read or go through the document only after providing the password. When user of a document has confidential information that they don’t want to share with others then they tend to apply user level password.Applying a password on PDF file controls the access to it and a reader must enter the password to open the document.
  • Owner Level: Other restriction is owner level in which publisher can restrict reader from copying, editing, printing the contents of PDF files. Restrictionson a PDF file will make it secure over internet and intranet.Only theperson who hasthe password can change the permissionsrestricted on the document.

Need to remove Owner Level security

Sometimes the reader of a PDF file wants to remove the permissions from the file to use its data. Due to owner level security is get difficult to make proper use of document by coping or editing the content of PDF. For making use of PDF data, user must need to break security permission from PDF document. In that case also, user must have to enter user level Password and use third party tool to break owner level security permissions.
By removing the restriction imposed by the publisher on PDF file; the reader can copy, print and edit the contents.

What Can Be Done To Overcome PDF Security?

Owing to the lack of procedures available for manually unlocking a protected PDF file, users are suggested to go for third party applications. There are many tools available for removing security. These tools also support removal of security in batch. One of the tools is PDF Unlocker that helps users in a similar condition of authorization lost over a document.

PDF Unlocker: SysTools PDF Unlocker is a reliable product for unlocking the password to change PDF file restrictions.The PDF Unlocker tool can remove all restrictions like printing, copying, editing, extracting. It supports unlocking of PDF file from owner level of security. Moreover, one can also perform batch processing in order to unlock multiple documents at a time. However, for that the software needs to be purchased in Business or Enterprise license.